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sauditi sono degli infami

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia24 minutes ago

Bin SALMAN] apart from the familiarity between the Wahhabis and the CIA NWO petrodollars Satanists in the Bohemian Grove (Cremation 666 of Care ('Cremation of the Shariah Care 666'): 6 years ago: 187AudioHostem the world director of YouTube, he told me that: " your Uncle King Aziz overflowed in hell: that is, that he loved me too much "ANSWER. but I knew that the Muslims were more false and hypocritical than the same priests of satan with the supernatural alien super powers: like him!

Bin SALMAN ] a prescindere dalla familiarità tra i wahhabiti e i satanisti CIA NWO petrodollari al Bohemian Grove (Cremation 666 of Care (‘Cremazione della Cura shariah 666’,): 6anni fa: 187AudioHostem il direttore mondiale di YouTube, lui mi disse che: "tuo Zio Re Aziz stramorto all'inferno: cioè che lui mi amava troppo"
ANSWER. ma io sapevo che gli islamici erano più falsi e ipocriti degli stessi sacerdoti di satana con i super poteri soprannaturali alieni: come lui!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messiaan hour ago

Refugees peddle the drug: "Something we will have to do" - VIDEO
with 10 million unemployed becouse by the #Pd-Soros Bilderberg, here there is only work for Freemason Rivlin and his Rothschild money-lender

Profughi spacciano: “Qualcosa dovremo pur fare” – VIDEO
con 10 milioni di disoccupati dal Pd-Soros Bilderberg, qui c'é soltanto lavoro per massone Rivlin e per suo becchino usuraio Rothschild

Yitzchak Kaduri Messiaan hour ago

Muslims: "Italian women without a veil? they provoke us "- VIDEO
1. first chemical castration:
2. then, physical castration: and: abundant female hormones
3. then burqua to all
4. and then we have them groped by Niky Vendola and Vladimir Luxuria
5. in this way: everyone has a clearer concept of really islamic paradise waiting for all the lustful!

Islamici: “Donne italiane senza velo? ci provocano” – VIDEO voxnews info/2019/03/30/donne-italiane-senza-velo-ci-provocano-video-2/
1. prima castrazione chimica:
2. poi, castrazione fisica: e: abbondanti ormoni femminili
3. poi burqua a tutti
4. e poi li facciamo palpeggiare da Niky Vendola e Vladimir Luxuria
5. in questo modo: tutti hanno un più chiaro concetto del paradiso che aspetta tutti i lussuriosi!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messiaan hour ago

caxxo AMANS PATRIAE @patriae_amans pic twitter com/VO77oZPdIi
i am 666 so very proud of the democrats
che in italiano si traduce : "a me i democratici mi fanno venire il prurito"

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Abd Allah II of Jordan: he is a scoundrel:
in fact he came to Italy and didn't come to greet me,
and to think that I had set aside for him: soy milk!
ok, I'll be luckier next time with Bin SALMAN! and we together will speak so badly of Rothschild, that the mumps will come to all the Jews of the world

ok, io sarò più fortunato la prossima volta con Bin SALMAN!
e noi insieme parleremo così male di Rothschild, che a tutti gli ebrei del mondo verranno gli orecchioni
Abd Allah II di Giordania: lui è un mascalzone:
infatti lui è venuto in Italia e non mi è venuto a salutare,
e pensare che io avevo messo da parte per lui: del latte di soia!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

in fact, in Assisi, Erdogan: King Abdallah, he received the lamp of peace: on the honor of Erdogan's word that he said: "Islam is a religion of peace!"

in effetti ad Assisi prestanome Erdogan: King Abdallah, lui ha ricevuto la lampada dalla pace: sull'onore della parola di Erdogan che lui ha detto: "Islam è una religione di pace!"

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

King Abdallah, Jerusalem must be protected.

why' The Holy City binds millions of Muslims and their slaves apostasy blasphemy dhimmis Christians in the world'

Re Abdallah, Gerusalemme va protetta.
'La Città Santa lega milioni di musulmani e i loro schiavi apostasia blasfemia dhimmis cristiani nel mondo'

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Re Abdallah, Gerusalemme va protetta
King Abdallah, Jerusalem must be protected
pity that he was not able to protect the Christian martyrs in all the ARABIC LEAGUE of horrors: his dhimmis slaves
peccato che lui non è stato capace di proteggere i martiri cristiani in tutta la LEGA ARABA degli orrori: i suoi schiavi dhimmis

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Ukraine to vote. Poroshenko, a choice is between me and Putin

this he shouldn't have said: Putin will also be a scum but he is always more loved than he is!
L'Ucraina al voto. Poroshenko, scelta è fra me e Putin
questo lui non avrebbe dovuto dirlo:
Putin sarà anche una feccia ma è sempre più amato di lui!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Abu Mazen, free Palestine is inevitable
what does it mean? even all the ARAB LEAGUE has got rid of Christian martyrs too!

Abu Mazen, Palestina libera è inevitabile
che significa? anche tutta la LEGA ARABA si è liberata dei martiri cristiani anche!

After Terrifying Attack in Uttar Pradesh, India, Host of House Church in Hiding

March 29, 2019 By Our India Correspondent

NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – Nearly two months after Hindu extremists in India humiliated, beat and forced Christians to praise a Hindu god, the host of the house church has yet to return to his home. Ranjeet Kumar Gautam is still in hiding after more than 20 Hindu extremists in Chapar village, Sultanpur District, Uttar […]

Breaking News

Christian Woman Raped, Killed as Herdsmen Attack Two Villages in Nigeria

March 28, 2019 By Our Nigeria Correspondent

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked two predominantly Christian villages in north-central Nigeria after beating, raping and killing a 19-year-old Christian woman in the pre-dawn hours on Saturday (March 23), her father said. Danlami Mante told Morning Star News that armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen ambushed Joy Danlami and her two younger siblings […]



Christian Mother in Pakistan Forcibly Converted, Married and Tortured, She Says

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LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Returning home from a night shift at … [Read More...]

Police in India File Charges against Pastors for Refuting False Account of Attack, Sources Say

March 21, 2019 By Our Southern India Correspondent

HYDERABAD, India (Morning Star News) – Three pastors in western India have … [Read More...]

Boko Haram Militants Terrify Residents in Attacks in Northeast Nigeria

March 19, 2019 By Our Nigeria Correspondent

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – After burning a church building in … [Read More...]
Commentary & Analysis
Couple Beaten, Congregation Member Missing in Persecution of Church in China

March 15, 2019 By The Editor

(Morning Star News) – Following the arrest of 44 worshipers from house church meetings in southwestern China in February, police in Chengdu this month arrested a married couple from the church and beat them during interrogation, the church reported. The couple, identified as Liu and his wife Xing, of Early Rain Covenant Church, were visiting […]

Understanding Persecution

ICC Exclusive Past Tragedies Create Tension for Pakistani Christians Celebrating Lent

March 28, 2019:

As Christian communities across the world observe Lent, individual Christians commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ… More

Pope Begins Lightening Visit to Morocco March 30, 2019:

03/30/2019 Morocco (International Christian Concern) – The Pope is spending the weekend in Morocco, his first trip to a North […] More

Experts Concerned India’s Secular Nature is in Jeopardy March 30, 2019:

03/30/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – With India set to go to the polls next month, many human rights experts […] More

Islamic Militants Increase Attacks on Nigerian Christians March 30, 2019:

3/30/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern)- Fulani militants have waged attacks on Christian villages in recent weeks, continuing the jihadist campaign […] More

ICC Exclusive Soon-to-Be Priest Raped and Killed in Indonesia March 29, 2019:

Nine-Year-Old Survivor of the Attack Recounts Incident 03/29/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that […] More

Philippine President Duterte’s Attack on Church Could Backfire in Midterm Elections March 29, 2019:

03/29/2019 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – According to several opposition senatorial aspirants, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s attacks against God, the […] More

ICC Supports Persecuted Farmers Through a Vet Clinic in Iraq March 29, 2019:

03/29/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – When ISIS invaded the primarily Christian town of Qaraqosh, Abraham had to leave his […] Mor

Questa NON è una testata giornalistica

Obama moderate terrorists Biden

Obama moderate terrorists Biden
Jihad Erdogan sharia ISIS UMMA

Questa NON è una testata giornalistica

Questa NON è una testata giornalistica

santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti

santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti
confondatore dell'università di Teramo, mancato premio nobel, ecc...

Avete preferito questo al Regno di Dio

Avete preferito questo al Regno di Dio
Ora preparatevi a subirne le conseguenze

Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"
"nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!

Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!
è già stato testato su una famiglia americana: "preparati a prenderlo!"