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04/09/2012 [Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy]
Here, too: if :: is: long, a witness coming: of the: Syria: of: Father Daniel Maes: that: live in the same monastery of: Mother Marie Agnes de la Croix. I believe: that: can enrich our knowledge: of: this: that: is happening around: and: in: to: that country. [[Of: Marco Tosatti]]. Our media usually tell: of: a peaceful uprising of the Syrian population,: that: it is becoming increasingly bloody: why: is suppressed by the regime, Also proclaim that: Should the international community put pressure on the regime more December, making for more incisive: the help of the opposition: for: stop spreading: of: blood: and: press: why: Russia: and: China renounce Their support: to: this bloody regime.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] This consensus, packaged in half-truths: and: lies whole,: not: just jeopardizes: the: life, of Those who, on the basis: of: this: that : is really happening in Syria, struggle for: preservation: of: this country, but: Also it raises the shedding: of: blood. Foreign intervention: not: are the solution: but: the causes of violence. Let: that: Syria questioning. The people want peace. Let them look his way: of: reconciliation: or, 'mussalaha' A peaceful popular uprising?

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] At the beginning of the rebellion I was atto detect in our village: of: Qara,: with: its nearly 500 Christians: and: 25.000 Sunnis. We have been regular guests at our colleague Georges Abouna, the Byzantine priest: and: we were greeted warmly by Christian families, but: also welcomed by Muslim families. We enjoyed the strong tradition of liberty, equality: and: peaceful co-existence: of: the Syrian people, Which was: an: model.: Not: there was violence: and: theft, few were poor: and: there was enough prosperity for: anyone. Every woman: and: every girl could dress as he wanted. Men: and: women: of: any ethnicity: or: religious group could occupy: all seats. In Additions, Syria has Offered: to: almost 2 million: of: refugees in hospitable house: and: equality, Such as: not: they got nowhere else in the Arab world.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] We have accepted refugees Especially in the area: of Damascus, but: in Qara: and: in our monastery. and: the expectation: of: the life of the Syrian population: is: increased from 56 (in 1970): to: 72 years (in 2006). Who has an interest: for: the current destruction of the country? Suddenly now: is: changed dramatically. The Grand Inquisitor: the "Muslim Brotherhood" Muhammad Al Ryad Shaqfa: He called on 14/02/2011, in the United Arab Emirates: and: Yemen: "all Muslims: for: fight: against: Syria." Shouted for: an: military intervention from outside.: Of the: canonical Al Qara, from April 2011, was seen as: an: group: of: young, every Friday night, direct: of the Mosque (was: an: pagan temple , then the St. Nicholas' Church) to: Demonstrate against the government and the president, on: an: call Conducted by strangers. There are some videos in cui they were paid:

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] Al Jazeera says the priest, that: he knew: and: as troublemakers in our villages in reality no one really wanted to support them, I know this group: is been: Supported: from nobody in the village. However: this group is: grown. It: is: rose: with: criminal fire: and: armed: of: violence. The priest: is been: searched: and: robbed by masked men: with: an: strange accent which: with: difficulty: is: failed: to: escape: to: a choke: and: for: us was: not: more pleasant the visit: to Qara. We heard from friends: that: is: go in the same way in other places. The "opposition" Imposed: that: Occurs When the shops are closed: to: Quosseir: and: Homs children: of: the Christian family: or: moderate Muslims were Threatened: and: even killed: why: they refused: of: join : to: anti-government demonstration. if: the population of Aleppo, said the local archbishop Jeanbart, August 2012 ::

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] not: he opposite energetic resistance: against: these armed gangs: and: not: he helped the army, the city was occupied Already after: an: day. All this: not: has nothing to that: do with: a "peaceful uprising". About: is: the "opposition"? From the beginning there were many groups of: opposition: with: their leaders. CNCCD (Comité National de Coordination pour le Changement Démocratique): is: the oldest: and: very divided. Want the fall of the government, but: no foreign intervention. The group of: moderate opposition more December: Contains the Syrian National Party, the Kurdish initiative, the Syrian Communist Party: and: various others. Want: an: dialogue with: the government: and: accept any foreign intervention radically. The third: is: the group of: foreign opposition: of: CNS (Conseil National Syrien) dominated: of the: Muslim Brotherhood (from Washington, London, Brussels).

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] These religious Extremists refuse the dialogue: and: Democratic Reforms: and: also ask: armed jihad in Syria: for: to bring Islam strictly. The CNS poses: to: official representative of Syria: but: in reality is: shame: for: the population. It enjoys the support: of: America, England, France, Turkey, Lebanese militias, Jordan and, of course, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Inside: and: the: of: out: of: these groups gangs: more and more criminals that: take advantage of the growing insecurity of Their battle. NATO warplanes on 26/11/11: they moved to the northern border: with: Syria (in Eskandarun, Turkey): to Damascus: Abdel Hakim Belhadj, the 'butcher': of: Baghdad and Tripoli, to together: an: battalion of 700 Libyan fighters (Al-Qaeda): for: to add to his current team. As a gift: of: Christmas, he got a mass of weapons, stolen deposits: of: Gaddafi.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] Two days earlier of: Christmas is: already begun: an: attack to Damascus more: of: 50 dead and more: of: 200 injured. Meanwhile, our services: of: security: of: the State are Concerned: why: it turns out: that: Muslim fundamentalists in our country, are on the side: of: Al-Qaeda in the fight against Syria! In short, the peaceful cooing: of: Doves: of: peace, "the opposition",: is: choking: of the: unspeakable horrors: gangs: that: sow terror everywhere. Young people are disappointed: why: foreign powers: Their agenda dictate. The Nationalists are being scammed: why: armed groups outside: overwhelm them: with: their claim: of: an: foreign military intervention. Moderate Muslims have been cheated: why: the Salafis: and: fundamentalists want to Establish: a totalitarian Islamic dictatorship: that :: is: much worse: of: the Syrian government: 've ever been.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy]: And: ordinary the Citizens are disappointed: why: they are victims of: armed gangs everywhere, against: which: not: they are protected. "The Syrian regime" is: long fallen On February 26, 2012 is: is: played: an: referendum on a new constitution. The "opposition" with: the support of the West has done: of: all: for: discredit: and: boycott the referendum. In Yabroed boxes: with: cards: of: vote, have been destroyed. Yet, there was still 57% of the population that: voted: and: 89, 4% ... Accepts: the new constitution. The monopoly of the Baath Party: is been: abolished: for: always to: advantage of: an: system: but: multi-party system. Meanwhile, there is also: an: new Parliament where they sit: Thirty women. I live with: to: four Lebanese: that: have experienced the war in Lebanon. The Syrian regime had lost: long: all credibility: for: each other.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] Yet, now they are the first to feel: that: Syria must take, why: the alternative: is: much worse: for: all. an: Sunni friend: that: proclaims aloud that: h: is been: to: long eager: of: Assad behead recently: is: to come: to ask, to us if: we not: we could make him (Assad) to "Novena". He knew: that: Christians have special prayers for: special intentions. A Novena, why? He wanted henceforth pray every day that: Assad succeed: to: keep: why: the abominations: that: he in his family of "opposition" had experienced were to worse: the "Syrian regime". an appeals: for: the conservation of Syria: and: the current government: not: imply any endorsement of his misdeeds, corruption, or mistakes: crimes.: is: the evidence: that :: not: there is no acceptable alternative: that : not: bring, no abomination irrevocable. Also we must Recognize: that: the Syrian population itself can: and: to go, to: their own way, to reform.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] This: is: the original meaning of: 'democracy': an: people: that search by: Himself: of: Ensuring equality: of: the equal treatment among all its the Citizens . "Russia acts: for: self-interest" usually: not: we have a lot of confidence: Russian nell'orso: and: the Chinese dragon: and: the sermons of Thunder Persian Empire there: not: give no peace. and: However, now comes from there: support: for: to defend the stability of Syria Compared to the self-declared "Friends of Syria" (hypocrites ridges). The West, America: with: its European allies: and the Arabs, from the beginning have tried: of: ensure for Themselves: Syria, along with Libya in the "Collection" (manipulated) Arab Spring, from get through: an: military intervention. Libya: is: was so: relatively fast "liberated", at least: his gold, of its oil (petroleum), sovereignty: to: start from 150,000 lives (many: of: can write them in his list Belgium: with: his month: of: bombing?)

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] and where is the freedom of religion in Libya?. or where is the democracy? for: Syria, this: is been: so far prevented: the unity of the people: and: by repeated vetoes. Remains Russia, to: defend stubbornly: the sovereignty of Syria, to: highlight the imbalance of resolutions, that: not: make no mention: criminal gangs in the country. And that Russia considers schizophrenia: media: and: Western policy. Countries: that more December supply weapons: and: aid to the rebels: and: criminal gangs Those are: that: scream louder that: you must stop the shedding: of: blood and: that: the regular army must stop! Russia says: that: not: foreign powers, but: people must be Able: of: he decides his government. Hillary Clinton on the second veto of Russia has called the attitude of Russia, 'horrible', so he said,

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] "why: just think: to: personal interests: and not: it is, like Russia, the Syrian people interested in freedom. This: not: it is: an: worthy prize to the value: of: hypocrisy unlimited Yes, Russia has interests in Syria with: his military base: to Tartus. America: not: has its own interests in 130 countries? (: but: not: has, again, in Syria) to his: Military base! then, America: not: have no interest in: an: country so strategically important as Syria: with: huge wealth of: gas: and: of :: n: access to the Mediterranean? Hillary: not: from the beginning has announced, in a loud voice: and: around the world: "We need: of: an: new Middle East"? destabilization A: for: new relationships: of: strength? After 'military intervention would evidence impossible, Check out the killings would follow Therefore, only the destruction: and: will feed: only: sectarian hatred: even more.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] How to Saudi Arabia and Qatar could really help Syria in its growth: towards democracy?: Or: what: that: they want: is: to Establish Their: Islam dictatorial: anso : in this country, the most secular of the Arab world? course, there may be Mentioned: that: in Saudi Arabia they are exemplary: about: Electoral fraud: lol. but, not: you never have occurred, but: is: Also must add: that: not even the elections are possible: the Arab League! The West still feels, too, called the support: of: this abomination, after the destruction of the country: for: to collect a share in the distribution: of power in this "New Middle East"? Mussalaha: or: reconciliation in the great region: of: Qalamoun: from Damascus and Homs (where we live) at the end: of: July 2012, Mussalaha: or: reconciliation is been: accepted by all parties.

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] "opponents" have laid down Their arms: and: prisoners: that :: not: your hands are dirty: of: blood were left free. The kidnapped Salim, son of the Secretary of the President: and: the second strong man: from Deir Atieh,: is been: left free. Everyone can manifest itself in freedom know: not: violent protest: and: ask for the fight: for: Reforms. Unfortunately, a few days later, Qara: is been shot dead: an: man: that: is been: note: that: he was still on the black list of terrorists, as pro-regime. dust has yet to have pockets: for: to take the path of reconciliation. Mussalaha: is: a third way: that: not: it comes from "the opposition": and: not: is: even the "scheme" but: really: of the: people. crucial in places like Homs, rebels, Hundreds: of: young, Already have laid down Their arms: and: have chosen: for: an: internal dialogue. Kahlil Noe, President: of: this forum: Expresses the fundamental vision: of: this movement, Stating that: Syria: is: a family, where not: no place:

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] for: violence: and: racism, where the various peoples: and: groups live together in peace: and: tolerance. THIS: is: the desire of the Silent Majority: the Syrian people. Christians play here: an: special role: for: a variety of reasons. 'M the indigenous population, that: have Largely: Contributed to the' Arabic Renaissance ': and: more than Their share: lead time: in suffering. finally, Their Efforts: not: are in any way Aimed at the achievement: of: any power in the government. So the Christians are the most vulnerable, but: also a major factor bearer: peace in Syria. On July 27 2012: Melkite Patriarch greek-catholic: Gregorios III Laham: he addressed a call to dialogue: of: peace: and: of: reconciliation of: mussalaha. The great threat to Syria in the meantime: is: the anarchy and: the total lack: of: safety in so many random attacks. not: there's actually a war, there is only to more widespread banditry:

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] terrorism organized by foreign powers to destabilize the time. He rejects the 'accusation: that: Christians tend to get some privileges from the regime. Christianity: is: should the Arab world. "Islam needs: of: Christianity: and: Muslims: they need the Christians: and: are there: with: and: for them, as in the last 1435 years: in our shared history." Further: He pointed out the origin of evil in the Arab world, That Is: to: tell the division: and: in Particular in the conflict: Israel-Palestine: "The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: is: the foundation: and: the first cause: the part: the greater the evil, the crisis: and: the war in the Arab world. " Foreign powers: for: stop the Syrian people: have sanctions to strangle Given only to the people. every four hours, for months, we break: of energy, even in winter. n: large farmer: of: apricot Qousseir, previously sent fruit excellent: an: container:

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] for: the Gulf States: that: paid well. now he: not: can not pay, either, Because collectors: is: the domestic market collapsed. Almost all trade, is paralyzed (a part of the international trade of: weapons: that: is living the golden days).: And: of course the burgeoning field of tourism: is been: zero.: Is: this freedom and democracy, : that: the West wants to give us? Retreats: of the: Syria terrorists his men, sent from abroad, arms: and: to support '"opposition" that created artificial. then, will end too, shedding: of: blood. Syria Population: is: not mature enough: for: choose your path: for: the Necessary reforms, in a tradition: of: tolerance, as Showed: for: decades. They will have the United States, NATO, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Qatar as: to: to destabilize this country: with: his decades: of: relative stability, peace, prosperity: and: great tolerance for: meet the "New Middle East ": of: Hillary?

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] The Silent Majority of the Syrian people, want Peace, peace: and: reconciliation. everything else: is: manipulation: and: lie. of: this desire: of: to live through everything, in mutual tolerance: with: the other, Expresses the true greatness, the Syrian people. agg: Recognize here we as Christians, in the final analysis, the work of the Spirit of Jesus: that He says, "If the Son Shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed Shall" (John 8:36). not: are: an: so-called Middle East specialist, but I am only, an: norbertino ordinary priest: the Premonstratensian Abbey Postelse. I am not: I want to mention: of journalistic skills, political: or: diplomatic. addition: I still live, but: in 2010 in the monastery of the 6th century, the St James the intercepted, (90 km from Damascus), where I am responsible: for: the Catholic seminary formation: and: for: male branch: of: this monastery (maryakub. org; See also our information: voxclamantis. info). way I have become: an: missionary,

[Syria, in direct testimony: of the: Syrian tragedy] until today (but we hope yet: to: long). now we live with: 7 men in primitive but: welcoming Roman tower (presumably of the 1st century.) we do: 97 steps: to the roof, and why: the Romans have forgotten: an: lift, with: 97 steps back Also . community nuns, has about: fifteen members. Together we Represent a dozen: of: different countries. Moreover, there are families: and: children freed: of the: capture, Sunni and Christians, Alawites, (up to now, about 25.) Our group Welcomes people from, for almost all of Syria. This: that: I write, I have experienced: or: Learned: of: them. before: the crisis there were many visitors, the inside Syria: and: abroad, Especially young people. Construction was begun: for: to welcome guests: in: also: Large shopping center, Whose activities are now silent and: that: hours: is been: open to refugees for: be received to the extent possible.

In Italia la democrazia è morta

di Magdi Cristiano Allam
31/12/2012 08:33:07
(Il Giornale) - La Storia ricorderà il primo anno del governo Monti per aver perpetrato tre crimini ai danni della democrazia, dello Stato e degli italiani. La denuncia di Berlusconi, fatta tardivamente, di essere stato vittima di una congiura che lo costrinse a rassegnare le dimissioni, è un dato di fatto oggettivo e documentabile.
In Italia la democrazia sostanziale è morta. La Costituzione che recita che siamo una Repubblica parlamentare è stata stravolta da un capo dello Stato che si comporta come se fossimo una Repubblica presidenziale auto-attribuendosi il potere esecutivo, commissariando il Parlamento e riducendo il governo a esecutore di direttive presidenziali arbitrarie. Così come Berlusconi si dimise senza un voto di sfiducia del Parlamento, ugualmente Monti si è dimesso senza un voto di sfiducia del Parlamento. Napolitano ha annunciato la data delle elezioni anticipate quando il Parlamento non era ancora dissolto e il governo era ancora in carica. Il fatto che le scelte politiche cruciali avvengano senza tener conto del Parlamento che dovrebbe esprimere la sovranità popolare, conferma che siamo già in un contesto estraneo alla democrazia sostanziale. L'insieme delle istituzioni non sono più rappresentative della volontà popolare. Il Parlamento è formato da deputati e senatori designati, non essendoci più il voto di preferenza, ciò che fa venir meno il fulcro della democrazia sostanziale, ovvero il rapporto fiduciario tra l'elettore e l'eletto. Il capo dello Stato è designato da un Parlamento di designati. E il capo del governo è stato calato dall'alto dai poteri finanziari globalizzati.
Quando il 16 novembre 2011 Monti giurò sulla Costituzione di “esercitare le mie funzioni nell'interesse esclusivo della nazione”, giurò il falso. Quel giorno Monti era ancora consulente internazionale della Goldman Sachs, la più grande e potente banca d’affari al mondo; membro del Consiglio Direttivo del “Club Bilderberg”, il salotto più esclusivo dei potenti della finanza e dell'economia nel mondo; Presidente del Gruppo Europeo della “Commissione Trilaterale”; membro del “Comitato consultivo di alto livello per l'Europa” di Moody's, una delle tre maggiori agenzie di rating al mondo. Soltanto 9 giorni dopo, il 24 novembre, con un dispaccio dell'Ansa delle 11,36 dal titolo “Monti lascia la Bocconi e altri incarichi”, abbiamo appreso che “Monti ha lasciato poi tutti gli incarichi che ha come consulente Goldman Sachs, presidente europeo della Trilaterale e nel comitato direttivo Bildelberg”.
Ebbene è del tutto evidente che l'interesse nazionale dell'Italia non coincide, all'opposto confligge, con quello delle istituzioni finanziarie globalizzate che hanno creato il cancro dei titoli derivati tossici, che ammontano a 787 mila miliardi di dollari pari a 12 volte il Pil mondiale, il cui interesse è di riciclare questo denaro virtuale mettendo le mani sull'economia reale e sulle imprese che producono beni e servizi. E se la Mafia, per riciclare il denaro sporco frutto di attività illecite, le basta avere a disposizione singoli politici, dirigenti pubblici e imprenditori, la speculazione finanziaria globalizzata per riciclare un ammontare stratosferico di titoli spazzatura deve controllare direttamente i governi degli Stati.
Il fatto che Monti sia espressione di queste istituzioni finanziarie è stato da lui stesso ammesso. Il fatto che queste istituzioni siano responsabili della speculazione finanziaria è assodato. E' un dato di fatto che il primo anno del governo Monti corrisponde alla perpetrazione del crimine dell'uccisione della democrazia sostanziale. Così come stiamo assistendo alla perpetrazione del crimine della spogliazione totale della sovranità dell'Italia vincolando qualsiasi governo a sottomettersi alle imposizioni del Trattato europeo di stabilità finanziaria. La conseguenza è che si sta perpetrando il terzo crimine della trasformazione di uno Stato ricco in una popolazione povera e di imprese creditrici in imprenditori falliti. Sono questi gli ingredienti manifesti e indubbi della congiura ai danni non solo di Berlusconi ma dell'Italia e degli italiani.
31/12/2012 08:33:07
di Magdi Cristiano Allam
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