Iraq Police Collusion Suspected in Attack on Church in Minya



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Convert Dies in an Eritrean Dungeon

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” Romans 1:16
Convert Dies in an Eritrean Dungeon


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Sectarian violence caused tens of thousands of Christians to leave the country in 2011. Christians feel that the government fails to protect them, with individuals being threatened, robbed, raped or kidnapped and churches being bombed. Iraq’s constitution says each individual has freedom of thought, conscience and belief, but there is no article on changing one’s religion and Islamic law forbids conversion of Muslims to other religions. In August, at least four churches were targeted by bomb attacks in Kirkuk. The situation in Kurdistan, for a long time considered a safe haven for Christians, has deteriorated due to Islamic extremism.
  • For the many Christian refugees who have been displaced from their homes by religious violence
  • For wise leadership and government to bring Christians justice and protection from terrorist groups
  • For Open Doors workers training trauma counsellors to help children and families affected by persecution.
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Country Statistics

Christianity in Iraq
Ranking: 09
Leader: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 32.6 million (300,000 Christians)

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26 prayers for “Iraq”

  1. Prayers of Salvation for Believers in Christ with Divine Protection and Deliverance through and during persecution and oppression and that they do not deny the Salvation in His Name. May the Light of the Truth penetrate this region with the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, that it may yield a great Harvest of Souls for salvation in Christ. May the Spirit of the Lord, and the God of All Comfort be with them in Him in this region of the world that the Refuge in His Name be known among the nations.
    • If any two agree on anything in His name he will do it for us. I agree with this prayer by the authority of the name of Yeshua our saviour. Now let it be so.
      • Father, Worthy God, I praise You for sparing lives. I pray for the church in Iraq to stand, for the persecuted to find protection and encouragement through the Spirit at work in fellow believers. I pray for strength and comfort for fathers, mothers, and children. Keep the Word in their hearts. Thank you, Almighty God.
  2. Dearest Father, thank-You that there have been no casualties from these recent church bombings. Please work in the hearts of the terrorists. I ask that their eyes would be opened and that they would see Jesus. Please give the government officials wisdom and boldness to protect the Christians. I pray that they would have justice. For our brothers and sisters who have fled Iraq in fear, dear Lord, please protect them, provide for their every need, fill their hearts with Your peace. Let them know we are praying for them. Thank-You that Open Doors is training trauma counsellors to help those affected by persecution. Please give them wisdom, strength and protection. Please pour out Your Spirit on Iraq and Kurdistan. Be Glorified in all the earth, Lord Jesus! In Your Powerful and Compassionate name, amen.
  3. That Jesus would put a hedge of protection around the Christians in this country.
    That the Christians would stand firm in their faith in Jesus despite the persecution.
    That God would raise up leaders who would protect Christians from the religious extremists and any others who would put them in harm’s way.
    For salvation of Iraq’s people.
    For me to point the way to Jesus and His Word.
  4. Almighty God,may the sons of Ishmael become passive so that those who preach Jesus can have an open door into their ears and hearts. We know your word will not return void. May the the faith of those who became martyrs give those who hate your Son pause and wonderment at their their willingness to live for Christ than to die for the world, In the name of Jesus, Amen.
  5. Heavenly Father Who Art In Heaven,
    Thou knowest the spiritual stronghold/strongholds over the country Iraq. Move mightily
    in the heavenlies to protect our Armerican loved ones there, to bring them home safely.
    Bless the Iraqis who are persecuting Americans and believers, bless them; help Open Doors
    do good there, help the American soldiers do good there. Help us to leave a good legacy for
    the people of Iraq. Thank you Father, for the opportunity to pray to you for hope, health
    and healing in this beleagured nation. Give believers the peace that passes all understanding
    and joy unspeakable as they continue to endure to the end.
    In Jesus’s name I pray.
  6. Dear Lord,
    We pray Lord that you would touch the Christians of Iraq. Persecution of Christians throughout the world is stronger than ever, especially in Muslim countries. Please be with these people, strengthening them to endure what they must and to encourage one another in their love for God. We know that by trusting in you, no matter what happens for the short time we are on earth, that we will be with you for eternity. I ask that you let them know that people around the world are praying for them daily.
    In Jesus’ Name,
  7. Father,
    We lift up our Iraqi brothers and sisters. Give them peace and strength to stand up to the enemy. Gird them with the armor of God. We pray that you would leash your angels over the believers and soften the hearts of the unsaved. May they come to know your amazing love! Thank you for the missonary support from Open Doors and others. In Jesus precious name we pray this. Amen.
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  9. Our Father I bring all of the above prayers to You for our dear Iraqi Christians and all who live in Iraq. Help the ones who want to harm those that love You that they need You too. We pray for strength foir these Chrisitans who are risking their lives by trusting in You. Please give them peace in the midst of the storm. Protect them Lord. May Your body of angels be in the way of harm and danger.Help them to know that we love them and are praying for them. In Your Precious Name, Amen
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    In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth...
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    US Drops Key Demand to Inspect Iran Nuclear Sites. In a major setback to stop Iran from nuclear capability, the US has agreed to drop its key demand to inspect Iran's nuclear sites. A bad deal has now become much worse. kerry Zarif. WATCH: What the World Looks Like with a Nuclear Iran (Chilling Video)  This SHOCKING video shows what would likely happen if an Iran nuclear deal goes bad, resulting in nuclear threats and actual attacks. The real world with a nuclear Iran. On Thursday speaking to new graduates of the Israeli Air Force, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued new last-minute warnings on the nuclear agreement with Iran. As the June 30 deadline for the deal is just days away, the Israeli PM said the West is making too many concessions and paving the way for Iran to be his country's "top threat." But he says there is still enough time to make a good deal. "[The West] could still come to their senses," said Netanyahu. "It's still not too late to insist on a good agreement, and certainly not too late not to promote a bad agreement." But he is warning that concessions are only making Iran's desire to become a nuclear power more intense. "These concessions increase Iran's appetite, and every day, they come and further raise their requirements in order to squeeze more concessions from them," the prime minister said. "This agreement is fundamentally flawed," he added, "leaving the path to achieving Iran's arsenal of nuclear bombs within a decade." "I repeat it now: no agreement is better than a bad agreement," Netanyahu warned, but insisted that no matter the outcome, "Israel will always protect itself, and the IAF is a big part of that."
        What if the Iran Deal is a Bad Deal. Scene of terror attack     Female Palestinian Terrorist Stabs Female IDF Officer. A female IDF officer is in moderate to serious condition after being stabbed in the neck by a female terrorist in Palestinian Authority-controlled Bethlehem.
    Desecration of the Mount of Olives Cemetery     WATCH: Arab Vandals Destroy Jewish Tombstones on the Mount of Olives. The situation is becoming dire on the Mount of Olives cemetery where Arabs are frequently vandalizing, burning and destroying Jewish tombstones. [Destruction and Tomb Burning on Mount of Olives. Following the severe vandalism on the ancient Mount of Olives Jewish cemetery by Arab rioters, the Religious Services Ministry intends to double the security budget for the site, Arutz Sheva has learned Tuesday. "We are not going to give in to terrorism in the Mount of Olives area," Religious Affairs Minister David Azoulay (Shas) stated Tuesday. "We will double the security budget during the approvals process for the state budget in order to stop vandalism on the Mount." "There are 5,000 vacant gravesites [on Mount of Olives], which you don't have on Har Hamenuchot [the other main cemetery in Jerusalem - ed.], for example, but people are afraid to bury their loved ones there because of the desecration of gravestones and sense of a lack of security on the roads leading there," he added. Religious Affairs Ministry CEO Oded Fluss added that the entire issue speaks volumes about whether Israel is truly exercising its sovereignty over Jerusalem. [ Watch Here ] He added that even a small boost in funding for security would solve many of the problems with the Mount. "I do not know why the desecration of graves at other locations stirs up a media storm, while here, it's done systematically," he lamented. a "We intend to make every effort to combat this phenomenon and bring this intolerable situation on the Mount of Olives and its roads to the public consciousness." The budget for Mount of Olives is due to be expanded in any event, as part of the implementation of the coalition agreement ruling party Likud signed with Shas to form the new government. Ongoing vandalism at the Mount has recently escalated, as Arabs have begun not only smashing tombstones, but torching graves as well. Jews are becoming afraid to bury their dead there as a result of the vandalism, which in some cases the Israel Police have blamed on the Jews themselves, in what activists say is an attempt to avoid tackling the problem. Source: Arutz Sheva ]
    =================      [Horrifying Video] Watch What Happens if the Iran Deal Goes Bad
    Dear Lorenzo, The video you are about to watch will shock you. It is not like anything you have ever seen before.
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    Palestinian rock terror     Rock-Throwing Arabs Attack Jewish Children in Jerusalem. Rock-throwing Arab terrorists attacked a bus filled with small children in Jerusalem on Monday. The children managed to escape unharmed.
    Urge President Obama and the US Congress: Keep the Pressure on Iran
    Thank you for signing the Petition
         Terrorists Open Fire on Israeli Drivers Near Community of Shiloh: Victim: 'They Wanted to Kill Us Because We Are Jews'. Click here to watch: Terrorists Open Fire on Israeli Drivers Near Community of Shiloh

    Terrorists opened fire on Monday evening on an Israeli vehicle near the community of Shiloh in the Binyamin region. Four people were wounded in the attack, including one seriously. Two of the victims were evacuated to the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, among them the seriously wounded victim and one more in light-to-moderate condition. Two other victims were evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Magen David Adom reported that "at 22:55 there were reports of ah shooting at three people near the community of Shvut Rachel. Magen David Adom teams on their way.” The terrorist attack in Shvut Rachel is the second attack in several hours. Earlier on Monday, an IDF soldier was wounded in a stabbing attack at Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem. According to security sources, a female Arab terrorist arrived on Monday morning at the checkpoint adjacent to Rachel's Tomb, located south of Jerusalem and adjacent to Bethlehem in Judea, where she stabbed a 25-year-old female IDF soldier who was manning the checkpoint several times in the neck. After paramedics carried out emergency first aid at the scene, the soldier was evacuated in serious condition for further medical treatment at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. Shortly after being evacuated to the hospital the soldier's condition stabilized, but continued to be classified as moderate to serious. And on Saturday night, terrorists opened fire on a civilian ambulance as it was driving along a road adjacent to Beit El in the Binyamin region. At least three direct hits from the bullets were located on the ambulance, but fortunately no one was wounded in the incident.
    Watch Here Victim: 'They Wanted to Kill Us Because We Are Jews'
    Yair Ofer from Kohav Hashachar, one of the Jews wounded in the shooting attack Monday in the Binyamin region, spoke to B'Hadrei Haredim​ from his hospital bed Tuesday morning about his ordeal. Yair also commented on the latest spike in attacks in Judea and Samaria, noting that a good deal of the problem lies with the "settler" label. "They say I'm a 'settler.' What does this mean, 'settler?" he fired. "I grew up in Jerusalem and looked for a nice place to raise my children. I am a father of two children and I'm married, and they are my life." "I am a student and I work very hard so that we have money and live well enough," he continued. "No one gives me money. The state doesn't help 'settlers.' I pay tax and national insurance, and we work hard and listen to them call us 'settlers,' and it's 'okay' for them to do that because we are 'land grabbers." "No!" he added. "Overall, we believe that the Land of Israel is ours and it is our right to live there." "I have never hit an Arab, I work with Arabs, and I treat them as people like any other people, whom we should treat with respect," Yair declared. "I'm not going to war. We want to live in peace."
    Source: Arutz Sheva ] The One Video About Peace in the Middle East Every Person Must See [ On September 18, 1978, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed the so-called Camp David Accords, cementing the notion that land for peace would become the basis for a resolution of the Arab-Israel conflict. In 2000 Israel withdrew it’s forces from Lebanon. In 2005 Israel withdrew it’s forces and all of its civilians from the Gaza strip. Did Israel really get peace? 
    Ciao, lorenzo. [ Due pastori sudanesi, padre Michael Yat e padre Peter Reith) rischiano l'ergastolo o la pena capitale.
     E questo per aver predicato il Vangelo. Chiedi all'Alto Commissario ONU per i Diritti Umani di intervenire!
    ] Scrivo per invitarti a partecipare a questa nostra petizione (, riguardante il caso di due pastori sudanesi, il reverendo Michael Yat e il reverendo Peter Reith, arrestati e detenuti ingiustamente in Sudan, in base ad accusa assurde che potrebbero addirittura comportare la pena di morte. Lo scorso dicembre, padre Michael si è recato presso una chiesa evangelica presbiteriana precedentemente attaccata e distrutta delle autorità. Dopo il sermone, il religioso è stato arrestato immediatamente. Padre Peter ha denunciato pubblicamente l'ingiusto arresto ed è stato a sua volta condotto in carcere nei primi giorni del mese successivo. Il processo, che vede i due predicatori imputati di minaccia al sistema costituzionale del Sudan e di spionaggio, è iniziato lo scorso 15 giugno. Ma la palese assenza di testimoni dimostra come i due siano stati arrestati esclusivamente in base alla loro fede religiosa e alla loro attività di evangelizzazione.
    Inizialmente detenuti in un luogo ignoto, i due pastori sono stati da poco rintracciati. Denunciano violenze psicologiche e intimidazioni: solo da poco hanno potuto rivedere i propri famigliari (il reverendo Yat ha due figli piccoli; il reverendo Reith una bambina appena nata). E sempre e solo attraverso una finestra schermata.
    Si tratta di vere e proprie persecuzioni religiose, perpetrate nonostante la Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell'Uomo (sottoscritta dal Sudan) e la stessa Costituzione sudanese, che garantiscono il diritto alla libertà di culto.
    Per questo, ci rivolgiamo all'Alto Commissario ONU per i Diritti Umani,Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, chiedendogli di intervenire. Ti invito, lorenz, a firmare questa nostra iniziativa (cliccando sul link seguente) e, dopo averlo fatto, a condividerla con i tuoi contatti (potrai farlo tramite social media, attraverso la pagina che visualizzerai dopo la firma) o inoltrando direttamente questo mio messaggio via email:
    Firma qui:
    Persecuzioni religiose contro i cristiani non sono una novità in Sudan. Ciò che è successo un anno fa con il caso di Meriam (la donna ingiustamente condannata a morte per apostasia) dimostra la terribile situazione dei cristiani che vivono in quel Paese, ma anche la potenza e l'efficacia di un'iniziativa di mobilitazione e pressione internazionale. Nel caso di Meriam, è stato proprio grazie all'interesse e agli appelli da tutto il mondo (tra cui le più di 300.000 firme raccolte da CitizenGO) che si è giunti alla sua liberazione. Ora vogliamo e dobbiamo fare lo stesso per padre Peter e padre Michael.
    Per ogni firma raccolta, il nostro sistema invierà automaticamente una email all'Alto Commissariato ONU per i Diritti Umani e all'indirizzo istituzionale della presidenza del Sudan, chiedendo all'Alto Commissario di adoperarsi perché padre Michael e padre Peter siano rilasciati immediatamente.
    Firma qui:
    Grazie mille del tuo interesse nei confronti delle nostre campagne di raccolta firme e della tua partecipazione.
    A presto, Matteo Cattaneo e tutto il team di CitizenGO
    P.S.: Come certamente sai, lo scorso sabato si è svolta a Roma una grande manifestazione, organizzata dal comitato "Difendiamo i nostri figli", a difesa della famiglia naturale e contro l'indottrinamento gender nelle scuole, l'utero in affitto e il "matrimonio gay". L'evento ha avuto enorme successo, con centinaia e centinaia di migliaia di famiglie arrivate da tutta Italia. Anche noi di CitizenGO siamo stati felici di partecipare. Ecco il nostro video della manifestazione:
    Libertà per i pastori cristiani ingiustamente detenuti. a Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, Alto Commissario dell'ONU er i diritti umani. Sono rimasto scioccato per la situazione dei pastori Yat Michael e Peter Yein Reith, a rischio pena di morte per aver predicato il Vangelo in Sudan. Si tratta di una palese violazione della Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell'Uomo (articolo 18) e della Costituzione del Sudan (sezione 6). Chiedo il rilascio immediato di padre Michael e padre Reith! Due pastori cristiani (il reverendo Michael Yat e il reverendo Peter Reith) sono stati arrestati in Sudan e rischiano la pena di morte. L'arresto risale allo scorso dicembre, dopo un sermone tenuto da padre Michael nella sua chiesa evangelica presbiteriana, distrutta poco prima dalle autorità. Padre Peter, dopo aver condannato l'ingiusto arresto di padre Michael, è stato anch'egli rinchiuso in carcere.
    Secondo testimoni della stessa chiesa dei due pastori, "non si tratta di niente di nuovo per la nostra chiesa. Quasi tutti i pastori sono stati arrestati. Siamo stati presi a sassate e a bastonate. Questo è il loro modo di comportarsi con le chiese cristiane. Non siamo sorpresi."
    Il processo ha preso il via lo scorso 15 giugno. L'assenza di testimoni, manifestatasi negli ultimi giorni, prova che i due pastori stanno subendo minacce legali e persecuzioni semplicemente a causa della loro fede.
    Padre Michael è sposato e ha due bambini (uno di un anno e l'altro di 3), mentre padre Peter, che gestisce un orfanotrofio nel Sud Sudan, ha una figlia appena nata.
    Vogliamo chiedere alle Nazioni Unite di agire. Quando Meriam, sempre in Sudan, è stata arrestata e condannata a morte a causa della sua fede cristiana, è stato grazie alla pressione internazionale (causata anche da CitizenGO) che il suo caso si è risolto per il meglio. Dobbiamo fare lo stesso ora!
    Per ogni firma a questa petizione, il nostro sistema invierà una email a Navi Pillay, Alto Commissario ONU, e a l presidente sudanese Omar al-Bashir, con il testo della petizione che si trova qui a destra.
    Ulteriori informazioni (inglese): 2 Pastors face possible death penalty for preaching the gospel
    After Meriam Ibrahim's Release, Why Are Two Christians Still Facing The Death Penalty In Sudan?
    Interview: Imprisoned South Sudan Pastors Unafraid.
    Today marks one year since the Islamic State proclaimed the dawn of a new Islamic ‘caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria, and thousands of Christians were forced to flee. year ago, few people had any idea what the word 'caliphate' means. Then, on June 29, 2014, an army of radical Sunni Muslims proclaimed the dawn of a new Islamic 'caliphate', or Islamic State (IS). In the year since, Christians of Syria and Iraq have learned first-hand what a caliphate means to them: They can become Muslim. They can leave. Or they can die. Christians who live outside the IS shadow, however, also need to understand what the IS embodiment of a caliphate means for persecuted believers, Christians worldwide, and what Open Doors is doing to help. The Islamic State’s interpretation of Islam is a grave threat to Christians. Untold numbers have been killed, raped or abducted. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians have been driven from their homes, creating a humanitarian crisis of the first order. While many of the oldest Christian communities in the world have been overrun, and their existence is at stake. Open Doors refuses to accept that there may be no more Church left in Iraq or Syria, but the world needs to wake up and recognise the seriousness of the threat. The IS movement has a strong potential to spread beyond Iraq and Syria through foreign jihadists. It is realistic to expect more jihadists, returning to their native Western countries, will turn against Christian, Jewish or Western influences in Europe and worldwide. Anxious Western governments could be in danger of restricting Muslims too much. That could create a vicious cycle of frustration and resentment, which may fuel further violence against these Christian, Jewish or Western influences.
     I livelli ideologici di quella che era una volta la nostra società ebraico cristiana (la sacraità del valore della vita) sono in caduta libera, perché il sistema massonico: i maggiori  specialisti massoni di ingegneria sociale della storia, del nuovo ordine mondiale: con la sua potenza finanziaria politica e mediatica, rappresenta il nuovo criterio di cosa è giusto e di cosa è sbagliato, il materialismo relativismo edonismo e nichilismo: (ogni uomo è il suo portafolio e il suo ruolo nel sistema: il potere massonico) ecco perché Dio e la sua legge naturale sono andati in cantina. ADESSO QUELLO CHE ATTENDE LA NOSTRA SOCIETà è UN NUOVO LIVELLO DI IMPAZZIMENTO E IMBARBARIMENTO. Aleteia - Negli USA il matrimonio gay è legge Storica decisione della Corte Suprema americana che rende legale in tutti gli Stati le unioni omosessuali... COME ANCHE NEL (più il District of Columbia). CON ALTRI 13 stati il matrimonio gay era esplicitamente vietato.
    Secondo un sondaggio di Gallup, dal 1996 al 2014 i cittadini americani favorevoli alla legalizzazione dei matrimoni gay sono passati dal 27 al 55 per cento. L’amministrazione democrata del presidente uscente Barack Obama è favorevole all’equiparazione fra matrimonio omosessuale ed eterosessuale già dal 2011. Una precedente sentenza della Corte aveva riconosciuto a livello federale la validità di tali unioni, ora i singoli stati non potranno più sottrarsi a questo riconoscimento.
    La sentenza era ampiamente attesa vista anche la difficoltà di trovare qualcuno che difendesse la tesi opposta di fronte alla Corte.

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