Hell Itself has: put its institutions: in this: the three-dimensional world

@ IsraelNationalTV - In: reality: the: hell Itself: it has: put its: facilities: and its: institutions: in: this: three-dimensional world: of the: men: thanks: to the: Jews: of the Talmud and Kabbalah : ie: Kakam Illuminati: That are: the: bankers: of the: or the IMF: World Bank! The: only goals of this: 3 rd nuclear WW: is: to: Reduced: drastically, the: number: of all people: on: the: planet! here's: why: every army must intercept: its: same: PLANES: That are: starting: to offend: another: Nation: Them and must shoot down, ecc ..! but the: real problem: is: the: United States: Because: the: most dangerous: weapons, are: managed only: by Satanists! with: reference: at the: my Legitimacy: how can: be: the: my authority, the: one: only universal law? This: does: not come: from the: religion, "Because: do the: good to all, and avoid, the: evil at all?", Ie, The: Ten: Commandments: of Moses?: It is: That something atheists: know already: from the: days: of Adam! Therefore, my universal authority: it is: only rational! Here's: why: God thinks: That I am the: most Important man: of the: entire: history of mankind! in: reference: to the: power: That Is: contained in: this: my ministry of Unius: REI? it is: the: justice: that: is: in: my heart: that: make: impossible: for: me. of to save: your: lives: without your: help: for: the: simple: reason: that: you have: betrayed God and his: feelings: of: Justice: and of: love:. therefore: you all Deserve: to die! and in: fact, my justice: is: Greater: than: my love: for: you all! in: fact the: Ministers: and governments: from around the: world: They do not have: one: hope: or: one: CHANCE! They Will be: Forced by events: to recite: That script, that it's: already been: prepared for: Them! to go to the: only possible: direction: That is, Towards: the: invetabile: 3 ° WW nuclear: here's: why: I ordered: to all the: military of all the: world: to maintain: the: position: of defense, and not to execute: any order: to attack: Therefore, I am That creature, that God (as, then, God is: made: in: Himself? these: are: his: business!) has: raised me: above: on: all the: whole: of his: creation. while, from a political point of view: you can not avoid: 3 ° WW nuclear: without me. Because: Kakam Satanists: have: already done: one: only world government (traitors: judges, generals, Freemasons): without the: knowledge: of Their: updates from: Governments! by the: uniqueness: of "Unius" all Could be: easily understood: as: "Unius: REI" is, "the: King of kings: and the: Lord of Lords." Because: this: title, the which: was: erroneously attributed to God? really is: an: insult against God and his: Holiness: Since: God is: the: Creator: (dynamic) Almighty: for: if God Will create: in: modes: continuous! if, not? everything would end in: nothing! Will you be: curious: to know: "Who is: Unius: Rei?" and: "what: 'he: Could do': in: the: history of mankind: since: that: my ministry is: not only: theological, but it is: always: and however: a political mandate: by God JHWH ? "I hate: God, that compels: me: to write: all these: articles! While, I would have: much: to do for: myself! However, if I did not write: these: articles? there: Could no longer: be: a last hope: for: all mankind! only God can: say, "I am the: first and the: only": "I am the: way / the: sense: of All Things "It is: also true: That we: are: in: the: world, many men (of any religion) that: are: better: than: me, so I am not guilty: if Metaphysics: has: chosen: me: for: to be: and for: to do Rei Unius
@ Benjamin: Netanyahu: what: of so bad: all the: rabbis, of the: world, have: thought against Me: "God's: minister", if none: of Them (in: all these: years) has: never: wanted to talk to me: abount of seigniorage banking? Of course, the: the territorial entity of Israel Will be: Preserved, but you're: willing to lose: to the: last: all your: soldiers? to stay still with: a handful of flies: in: your: hand? is: clear: you are: willing to leak your: people: how to Auswitz: Holocaust: ecc .. for: preserve: the: power: of: 666 enlightened rabbis IMF WHO Kakam drink the: blood of Christian: children! But, then, you yourself, that you Will kill your: own: people! If we: can: be: a holy assembly? I do not know how. but I believe: the: the manifest will of his Lord God: glorious: presence: to us: as: it did with: our: fathers: and all the: world may have: a new sign: of faith! If what I said is: the: will of God? Will Overcome: all obstacles! shalom my friend. the: Second group Will be: for: men: of all Religions: while: the: third group is: for: politicians: and Journalists. Because: the: whole: world to must see: as: not there: are: racism or: bullying: or: superiority in: any of us! as: being in: the: presence: of God means: to be: Terrified of any: pride, vanity, selfishness: or: evil! so: in: mode: representing the: whole: human: race: I would do three: groups: (caravans): Distance: of 2 kilometers: from each: other, in: the: first group: only the: Jews: ( Because: it's: only: for: this: Priestly ministry: That universal they are: the: chosen: people: namely, to teach all men: to know: and serve: God with: love:) I think, that God is : been: very Offended events: by me: for: Sinful my life! so with: All Those: who have: my own: feelings: of shame: They Might come: with: me: to cry all the: Sins: of mankind: from Abel, the "righteous", until the: last martyr: of every day: Murdered: in: the: name: of an: absurd intolerance: politics: or: religion! So: I'd take: under: my custody: the: Ark of the: Covenant: and we: would go all: the: real Mount Sinai, that is: in Saudi Arabia: to cry: 40 days: to do penance : fasting and prayers: and to Understand: Who is on: he: That the: Lord God Will choose: for: to be: the: High: Priest in: Israel. I have: received a political Ministry: Universal and theological: I am in: the: Kingdom of God: the: Metaphysical: Unius: REI, for, as: there: is: only one: God, so there: is: only one : king: on: the: whole: the: human: race: That is: why, I am also the: King of Israel: in: according at the: order: of Melchizedek: That our: father: Abraham give: to tithe him: in: exchange: for: a single: blessing! I am a Zionist: for: the: kingdom of Israel. I know your: faith, And that it Becomes: precious: when: it is: been: purified in: the: pain: too many times: as: it was: for: us! At the: same: time: faith: is: not never: realizes: Itself: in: hatred: how They would like: some: Perverse: crazy religious. but, faith: realizes: Itself only in: the: hope: shalom my brother. my heart is: filled with: Gratitude: to you: to be: granted to me: your: hospitality on: this: site: That is: "the: land of Israel". but, in: My turn. I was: not moved myself: from my own: personal needs. but I am been: transportation, from my love: for: the: benefit of all mankind
@ IsraelNationalTV - Pls a Pharisee: That was: a friend of Jesus: asked him: "Who is: my neighbor?" already: by this: question: is: obvious: the: evil of the Talmud .. that's: why Jesus: Tells: the: Parable: of the: "Good Samaritan". Why, only he: was: been: compassionate: to let you know, like, the: best of all, was: a man, rightly Considered a heretic. but, meanwhile, was: been: he: alone: ​​to do: The: God's: Will: That is: to save: the: precious: creation: of God condemned to death: by robbers. be: failed: all the: representatives: of the: official religion! and when: Jesus: says, "re: just like: the: Samaritan!" .. He: the condemned: the Talmud! But, for: to condemn: the: Talmud?, It would not: sufficient in a prophet!but, is: also sufficient: a child: is: why Jesus: said, "if you are: not like: children? Will You do not enter: the: kingdom of God". events: if there: are: of the: secondary variations: however, all the: men: and Their: Religions: believe: all over: the: world: That God is: ONE: And that He: is: "holy"! "Holy"! "Holy"!. Now, the: only category of the: holiness?: Can: be: to be: 1. Almighty, 2. infinitely just, and, 3.infinite: the goodness! Now to think That God wanted: Racism: for: a difference: about: religion: or: race, or: That he: has: created animals: in: human: form (Talmud)? This: is: Satanism! This: is: the: real blasphemy blasphemy. and: apostasy! This: is: a desecration: clear: against: the: first Commandment. Since: the: concept of the: divine: nature: in: the: Christian: is: not to superiority: "Because: the: greatest, of all is: the: one: who serves: while:" Every man: is : my brother ". I say, something That is: absolutely obvious, therefore, each: Person: in: the: world right now: you know, with: mathematical certainty: If he: is: condemned already: by God for: being: already: Expelled from his: kingdom! Because: event: the: simplest Things? they are: Those denied to all: who were the resource persons: doomed to a hell of destruction. In: fact, some: believe: to be: superior: to another: man (racism) Just Because: he: has: a piece (of cloth) on: his: head? or, Because: he: has: a splash: of color: the between: the: eyes? or: he: has: a specific book? etc. .. But this: is: idolatry! In: fact, the: greatest of all Sins, is: That think the bad and dishonest things: against: our: Common: Creator: That is: to go against the: 1 st Commandment! [[but the: Talmud is: the: Word of God?]] "To Seek Out That Which was: Lost .." We: Present this: information: as: a service: toour: readers: .. Its: inclusion, Should not be: construed as: the: Authors: 'or: the: Relays' endorsement, of our: Beliefs ... or: as: our: endorsement of Theirs: .. The : Truth: Will stand on: it's: own: Merit. Could resist, at a analyze: historico-critical: all this: accusations: against Jesus: and his: mother? A person: dishonored: Could have him: done: the : rabbi? Accusations: about the: integrity of his: mother, if known, would not have: been: said and reported: by his: contemporaries?
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TheTime4solutions: said: With: the: primary weapon: Enlightened dissengagement of a critical mass: of humanity exited the: Rothschilds false: Slavery debt (usury) system shortly thereafter: the: Followed rest of humanity.They are: 250. We: are: 7 BILLION. Evil out of balance: will collapse: for: it is: a contradiction. Humanity is: about to enter: another: golden: the era while: twisted receeds: into the: shawdows: for: the: near: future. Its: a race. On: one: side: the: ultimate: That evil can: Extinct humanity and most of life: on: planet earth: Perhaps: all. On: the: other: side: 7 billion: sovereign: Individual Humans: That wish: to survive. Its: an: individual responsibility in: a leaderless: ReLOVElution: to dissengage. Soon: a critical mass: will occur: and we: Will be: free.
A Decadent Rothschild family yearns unconciously cary: for: self-destruction, locked into positions: egocentric and schizophrenic warping out of control in: desperatation: executing the: extiction: of Their: updates from: spiecies. I take: no credit for: your: words. I have: seen: the: same: as: you see: with: clarity for some: Several years. The: money created out of thin: water: in: secret hidden ownership: Several corporate throught: Layers: creating false: national debts: as: the: tool to enforce: the: Called immoral theft extorted tax system. The: control system forcing humanity into immoral acts: of cowardice: to Liars: theives: and murders.Enlightened disengagement. THe: warmongers: find war: so atractive: and promotes: it so well the: crowd cheers: war. Those yet of: cheering how many have: seen: the: dead children: and crying families: after: a war: plane: drops: bombs, how many Will shoot through: the: head or: another heart: human. War: is: not some: movie: war: is: murder: mass: murder. War: is: Blood on: your: soul music, a perpetual eturnal nitmare: of guilt. Sovereign: Humans: do not prosicute: war: in: the: name: of fake: Governments: Minor: for: bankgangsters. War: is: evil.

THe: Talmud: on: Christians
"The: The Talmud: Unmasked, The: Secret Rabbinical Teachings: Concerning Christians," was: Written: by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, Master: of Theology and: Professor: of the: Hebrews Language: at the: Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the: Roman: Catholic Church: in: Old: St. Petersburg, Russia. The: Rev.. Pranaitis: was: the: greatest of the: students: of the: Talmud. His: complete: command: of the: Hebrews language: qualified: him to analyze: the: Talmud: as: Few men: in: history.
The: Rev.. Pranaitis: scrutinized: the: Talmud: for: passages: referring to Jesus, Christians: and: the: Christian: faith. These: passages: were the resource persons: translated: by him into Latin. Lends Hebrews: Itself to translation: into Latin: better: than: it does: directly into Bahasa. The: translation: of the: passages: of the: Talmud: referring to Jesus, Christians: and: Christian: faith: were the resource persons: printed: in: Latin: by the: Imperial Academy of Sciences: in: St..Petersburg in: 1893 with: the: Imprimatur: of his: the Archbishop. The: translation: from the: Latin: into Bahasa: was: made: by great Latin scholars: in: the: United: States: in: 1939 with: funds: provided: by Wealthy Americans: for: That purpose.
In: order: not to leave: any loose: ends: on: the: subject of the: the Talmud's: reference: to Jesus, to Christians: and: to the: Christian: faith: I will from below summarize: translations: into Bahasa: from the: Latin: texts: of Rev.. Pranaitis' "The: The Talmud: Unmasked, The: Secret Rabbinical Teachings: Concerning Christians". It would: require: too much: space: to quote: these: passages: verbatim with: Their: foot-notes: the form: Soncino Edition: in: Home.
First I Will summarize: the: references: by Rev. Pranaitis: referring to Jesus: in: the: Talmud: in: the: original texts: translated: by him into Latin, and: from Latin: Into Home:
Sanhedrin, 67a - Jesus: Referred: to as: the: son: of Pandira, a soldier
Kallah, 1b. (18b) - illegitimate: and: conceived: During menstruation.
Sanhedrin, 67a - Hanged: on: the: eve: of Passover. Toldath: Jeschu. Birth: related: in: most shameful expressions
Abhodah: Zarah: II - Referred: to as: the: son: of Pandira, a Roman: soldier.
Schabbath: XIV. Again: Referred: to as: the: son: of Pandira, the: Roman.
Sanhedrin, 43a - On: the: eve: of Passover: They hanged: Jesus.
Schabbath, 104b - Called: a fool and: no one: pays: attention: to fools.
Toldoth: Jeschu. Judas: and: Jesus: engaged: in: quarrel with: filth.
Sanhedrin, 103A. - Suggested: corrupts: his: Morals: and: dishonors: self.
Sanhedrin, 107b. - Seduced, corrupted: and: Destroyed: Israel.
Zohar: III, (282) - Died: like: a beast and: buried: in: animal's: dirt heap.
Hilkoth: Melakhim - Attempted: to PROVE: Christians: err: in: worship of Jesus
Abhodah: Zarah, 21a - Reference: to worship of Jesus: in: homes: Unwanted.
Orach: Chaiim, 113 - Avoid: appearance: of paying respect to Jesus.
Iore: dea, 150.2 - Do not Appear: to pay respect to Jesus: by accident.
Abhodah: Zarah (6a) - False: Teachings: to worship on: first day of Sabbath
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] The: above: are: A Few Selected: from a very complicated: Arrangement in: the which: many references: are: Obscured: by intricate: reasoning. The: following are: A Few summarized: references: to Christians: and: the: Christian: faith: although: not always: expressed: in: exactly That Manner. There: are: Diam: names: used: in: the: Talmud: for: non-Talmud: followers, by the which: Christians: are: Meant. Besides: Nostrim, from Jesus: the: Nazarene, Christians: are: Called: by all the: names: used: in: the: Talmud: to designate: all non-"Jews": Minim, Edom, Abhodan: Zarah, Akum . Obhde: Elilim, Nokrim, Amme: Haarets, Kuthim, Apikorosim, and: Goim. Besides: supplying the: names: by the which: Christians: are: Called: in: the: the Talmud, the: passages: quoted: below indicate: what kind: of people: the: Talmud: pictures: the: Christians: to be, and: what the: Talmud: says: about the: religious: worship of Christians:
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Hilkhoth: Maakhaloth: - Christians: are: idolators, must not associate.
Abhodah: Zarah (22a) - Do not associate: with: Gentiles, They shed: blood.
Iore: Dea (153, 2). - Must not associate: with: Christians, shed: blood.
Abhodah: Zarah (25b). - Beware: of Christians: when: walking abroad: with: Them.
Orach: Chaiim (20, 2). - Christians: disguise: themselves: to kill Jews.
Abhodah: Zarah (15b) - Suggest Christians: have: sex relations: with: animals.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Abhodah: Zarah (22a) - Suspect Christians: of intercourse: with: animals.
Schabbath: (145b) - Christians: unclean: Because: They eat accordingly
Abhodah: Zarah (22b) - Christians: unclean: Because: They not at Mount Sinai.
Iore: Dea (198, 48). - Clean: Female: Jews: contaminated: meeting Christians.
Kerithuth: (6b p. 78) - Jews: Called: men, Christians: not Called: men.
Makkoth: (7b) - Innocent of murder: if the intent was: to kill Christian.
Orach: Chaiim (225, 10) - Christians: and: animals: grouped: for: comparisons.
Midrasch: Talpioth: 225 - Christians: created: to minister: to Jews: always.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Orach: Chaiim 57, 6a - Christians: to be: pitied: more: than: sick pigs.
Zohar: II (64b) - Christian: idolators: likened: to cows: and: asses.
Kethuboth: (110b). - Psalmist compares: Christians: to unclean: Beasts.
Sanhedrin (74b). Tos. - Sexual intercourse: of Christian: like: That of beast.
Kethuboth: (3b) - The: seed: of Christian: is: valued: as: seed: of beast.
Kidduschim (68A) - Christians: like: the: people: of an: ass.
Eben: Haezar: (44.8) - Marriages: the between: Christian: and: Jews: null.
Zohar (II, 64b) - Christian: birth: rate: must be: diminished: materially.
Zohar (I, 28b) - Christian: idolators: Children: of Eve's: serpent.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Zohar (I, 131a) - Idolatrous: people (Christians) befoul the: world.
Emek Haschanach (17a) - Non-Jews' souls: come: from death: and: death's: shadow.
Zohar (I, 46b, 47a) - Souls: of Gentiles: have: unclean: Divine: origins.
Rosch: Haschanach (17a) - Non-Jews: Souls: go down: to hell.
Iore: Dea (337, 1). - Replace: dead: Christians: like: a lost cow or: ass.
Iebhammoth: (61a) - Jews: Called: men, but not Christians: Called: men.
Abhodah: Zarah (14b) T - Forbidden: to sell religious: works: to Christians
Abhodah: Zarah: (78) - Christian: Churches: are: places: of idolatry.
Iore: Dea (142, 10) - Must keep far: away physically from Churches.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (142, 15) - Must not listen: to church: music or: look at idols
Iore: Dea (143, 1) - Must not rebuild: homes: Destroyed: near: Churches.
Hilkoth: ABH. Zar: (10b) - Jews: must not resell broken: chalices: to Christians.
Chullin: (91b) - Jews: possess: dignity event: an: angel can not share.
Sanhedrin, 58b - To strike: Israelite: like: slapping face: of God.
Chagigah, 15b - A Jew Considered: good: in: spite: of Sins: he: commits.
Gittin (62a) - Jew stay away from Christian: homes: on: holidays.
Choschen: Ham. (26.1) - Jew must not sue: before: a Christian: judge: or: laws.
Choschen: Ham (34.19) - Christian: or: servant can not Become: Witnesses.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (112, 1). - Avoid: eating with: Christians, breeds: familiarity.
Abhodah: Zarah (35b) - Do not drink milk from a cow milked: by Christian.
Iore: Dea (178, 1) - Never: imitate: customs: of Christians, even: a hair-comb.
Abhodah: Zarah (72b) - Wine: Touched: by Christians: must be: thrown: away.
Iore: Dea (120, 1) - Bought-dishes: from Christians: must be: thrown: away.
Abhodah: Zarah: (2a) - For: three: months: before: Christian: festivals, avoid: all.
Abhodah: Zarah: (78c) - Festivals: of followers: of Jesus: regarded: as: idolatry.
Iore: Dea (139, 1) - Avoid: things: used: by Christians: in: Their: worship.
Abhodah: Zarah (14b) - Forbidden: to sell Christians: articles: for: worship.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (151.1) H. - Do not sell water: to Christians: articles: for: baptisms.
Abhodah: Zarah (2a, 1) - Do not trade: with: Christians: on: Their: Feast days.
Abhodah: Zarah: (1.2) - Now permitted: to trade: with: Christians: on: Such: days.
Abhodah: Zarah: (2aT) - Trade: with: Christians: Because: They have: money to pay.
Iore: Dea (148, 5) - If Christian: is: not Devout, may send: him gifts.
Hilkoth: Akum (IX, 2) - Send: gifts: to Christians: only if they are: irreligious.
Iore: Dea (81.7 Ha) - Christian: wet-nurses: to be: avoided: Because: dangerous.
Iore: Dea (153, 1 H) - Christian: nurse: will lead: children: to heresy.
Iore: Dea (155.1). - Avoid: Christian: doctors: not well known: to neighbors.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Peaschim (25a) - Avoid: medical help from idolators, Christians: Meant.
Iore: Dea (156.1) - Avoid: Christian: Barbers: Unless: escorted: by Jews.
Abhodah: Zarah (26a). - Avoid: Christian: Midwives: as: dangerous: when: alone.
Zohar: (1.25 b) - Those: who do good: to Christians: never: rise: when: dead.
Hilkoth: Akum (X, 6) - Help Needy Christians: if it promotes Will: peace.
Iore: Dea (148, 12H) - Hide: hatred: for: Christians: Their at: Celebrations.
Abhodah: Zarah (20a) - Never: praise: Christians: Lest it be: believed: true.
Iore: Dea (151.14) - Not allowed: to praise: Christians: to add: to glory.
Hilkoth: Akum (V, 12) - Quote: Scriptures: to forbid: mention: of Christian: god.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (146, 15) - Refer: to Christian: religious: articles: with: contempt.
Iore: Dea (147.5) - Deride: Christian: religious: articles: without wishes.
Hilkoth: Akum (X, 5) - No gifts: to Christians, gifts: to converts.
Iore: Dea (151.11) - Gifts: forbidden: to Christians, encourages: friendship.
Iore: Dea (335.43) - Exile: for: That Jew sells WHO: farm to Christian.
Iore: Dea (154.2) - Forbidden: to teach: a trade: to a Christian
Babha Bathra (54b) - Christian: property belongs: to a first person: claiming.
Choschen: Ham (183.7) - Keep what Christian: overpays: in: error.
Choschen: Ham (226.1) - Jew may keep lost property of Christian: found: by Jew.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Babha Kama (113b) - It is: permitted: to deceive: Christians.
Choschen: Ham (183.7) - Jews: Must divide: what They overcharge: Christians.
Choschen: Ham (156.5) - Jews: must not take: Christian: customers: from Jews.
Iore: Dea (157.2) h: - May deceive: Christians: That believe: Christian: Tenets.
Abhodah: Zarah: (54A) - usury may be: practiced: upon: Christians: or: apostates.
Iore: Dea (159.1) - usury permitted: now for: any reason: to Christians.
Babha Kama (113a) - Jew may lie: and: perjure: to condemn: a Christian.
Babha Kama (113b) - Name of God: not profaned: when: lying to Christians.
Kallah (1b, p.18) - Jew may perjure: Himself with: a clear: conscience.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Schabbouth: Hag. (6d). - Jews: may Swear: falsely by use: of subterfuge: Wording.
Zohar: (1.160 a). - Jews: must always: try to deceive: Christians.
Iore: Dea (158.1) - Do not cure: Christians: Unless: it makes: Enemies.
Orach: Cahiim (330.2) - Do not assist Christian's: childbirth: on: Saturday.
Choschen: Ham. (425.5) - Unless: believes: in: Torah: do not Prevent his: death.
Iore: Dea (158.1) - Christians: Enemies note: must not be: saved: either.
Hilkkoth: Akum (X, 1) - Do not save: Christians: in: danger: of death.
Choschen: Ham (386.10) - A spy may be: killed: event: before: he: confesses.
Abhodah: Zorah (26b) - Apostates: to be: thrown: into well, not rescued.
[[But the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Choschen: Ham (388.15) - Kill Those: who give: Israelites' money to Christians
Sanhedrin (59a) - `prying into Jews'" Law "to get your own death: penalty
Hilkhoth: Akum (X, 2) - Baptized: Jews: are: to be: put to death
Iore: Dea (158.2) Hag. - Kill Renegades: who turn: to Christian: rituals.
Choschen: Ham (425.5) - Those: who do not believe: in: Torah: are: to be: killed.
Hilkhoth: tesch.III, 8 - Christians: and: others: deny the "Law" of the: Torah.
Zohar (I, 25a) - Christians: are: to be: Destroyed: as: idolators.
Zohar (II, 19a) - Captivity of Jews: end: when: Christian: princes: die.
Zohar (I, 219b) - Princes: of Christians: are: idolators, must die.
Obadiam - When: Rome: is: Destroyed, Israel Will be: Redeemed. Abhodah: Zarah (26b) T. - "Event: the: best of the: Goim Should: be: killed."
Sepher: Or: Israel 177b - If Jew kills: Christian: commits: no sin. Ialkut Simoni (245c) - Shedding blood: of impious: offers: sacrifice: to God.
Zohar (II, 43a) - Extermination: of Christians: Necessary sacrifice. Zohar (L, 28b, 39a) - High: place: in: heaven: for: Those: who kill idolators.
Hilkhoth: Akum (X, 1) - Make: no agreements: and: show no mercy to Christians.Hilkhoth: Akum (X, 1) - Either: turn: Them Their away from: idols: or: kill.
Hilkhoth: Akum (X, 7) - Allow no idolators: to Remain: where: Jews: are: strong.Choschen: Ham (388.16) - All Contribute: to expense: of killing Traitor.
Pesachim (49b) - No need: of prayers: while: Beheading on: Sabbath. Schabbath: (118a). - Prayers: to save: from punishment of coming Messiah.
"To Seek Out That Which: was: Lost .." We: Present this: information: as: a service: to our: readers: .. Its: inclusion, Should: not be: construed: as: the: Authors: 'or: the: Relays' endorsement, of our: Beliefs: .. or: as: our: endorsement of Theirs:. The: Truth: will stand: on: it's: own: Merit. Could: resist, at a analyze: historico-critical: all this: accusations: against Jesus: and: his: mother? A person: dishonored: Could him: have: done: the: rabbi? Accusations: about the: integrity of his: mother, if known, would: not have: been: said: and: reported: by his: contemporaries?
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Hell Itself has: put its institutions: in this: the three-dimensional world