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hell itself has: put its: facilities: and its: institutions: in this: three-dimensional world

@IsraelNationalTV - In: reality: the: hell itself: it has: put its: facilities: and its: institutions: in: this: three-dimensional world: of the: men: thanks: to the: Jews: of Talmud and Kabbalah: ie: Kakam Illuminati: that are: the: bankers: of the: IMF or: World Bank! the: only goal of this: 3 rd WW nuclear: is: to: reduce: drastically, the: number: of all people: on: the: planet! here's: why: every army must intercept: its: same: planes: that are: starting: to offend: another: Nation: and must shoot them down, ecc..! but the: real problem: is: the: United States: because: the: most dangerous: weapons, are: managed only: by Satanists! with: reference: at the: my legitimacy: how can: be: the: my authority, the: one: only universal law? This: does: not come: from an: religion, "because: do the: good to all, and avoid, the: evil at all?", Ie, the: Ten: Commandments: of Moses?: It is: something that atheists: know already: from the: days: of Adam ! Therefore, my universal authority: it is: only rational! Here's: why: God thinks: that I am the: most important man: of the: entire: history of mankind! in: reference: to the: power: that is: contained in: this: my ministry of Unius: REI? it is: the: justice: that: is: in: my heart: that: make: impossible: for: me. of to save: your: lives: without your: help: for: the: simple: reason: that: you have: betrayed God and his: feelings: of: Justice: and of: love:. therefore: you all deserve: to die! and in: fact, my justice: is: greater: than: my love: for: you all! in: fact the: ministers: and governments: from around the: world: they do not have: one: hope: or: one: chance! They will be: forced by events: to recite: that script, that it's: already been: prepared for: them! to go to the: only possible: direction: that is, towards: the: invetabile: 3 ° WW nuclear: here's: why: I ordered: to all the: military of all the: world: to maintain: the: position: of defense, and not to execute: any order: to attack: Therefore, I am that creature, that God (as, then, God is: made: in: himself? these: are: his: business!) has: raised me: above: on: all the: whole: of his: creation. while, from a political point of view: you can not avoid: 3 ° WW nuclear: without me. because: Kakam Satanists: have: already done: one: only world government (traitors: judges, generals, Freemasons): without the: knowledge: of their: own: governments! by the: uniqueness: of "Unius" all could be: easily understood: as: "Unius: REI" is, "the: King of kings: and the: Lord of Lords." because: this: title, which: was: erroneously attributed to God? really is: an: insult against God and his: Holiness: Since: God is: the: Creator: (dynamic) Almighty: for: if God will create: in: mode: continuous! if, not? everything would end in: nothing! you will be: curious: to know: "Who is: Unius: Rei?" and:"what: ' he: could do ': in: the: history of mankind: since: that: my ministry is: not only: theological, but it is: always: and however: a political mandate: by God JHWH? " I hate: God, that compels: me: to write: all these: articles! While, I would have: much: to do for: myself! However, if I did not write: these: articles? there: could no longer: be: a last hope: for: all mankind! only God can: say, "I am the: first and the: only": "I am the: way/the: sense: of all things!"It is: also true: that we: are: in: the: world, many men: (of any religion) that: are: better: than: me, so I am not guilty: if metaphysics: has: chosen: me: for: to be: and for: to do Rei Unius
@Benjamin: Netanyahu: what: of so bad: all the: rabbis, of the: world, have: thought against Me: "God's: minister", if none: of them (in: all these: years) has: never: wanted to talk to me: abount of banking seigniorage? Of course, the: territorial entity of Israel will be: preserved, but you're: willing to lose: to the: last: all your: soldiers? to stay still with: a handful of flies: in: your: hand? is: clear: you are: willing to leak your: people: how to Auswitz: Holocaust: ecc.. for: preserve: the: power: of: enlightened 666 IMF rabbi Kakam who drink the: blood of Christian: children! But, then, you yourself, that you will kill your: own: people! If we: can: be: a holy assembly? I do not know how. but I believe: the: Lord God will manifest his: glorious: presence: to us: as: it did with: our: fathers: and all the: world may have: a new sign: of faith! If what I said is: the: will of God? will overcome: all obstacles! shalom my friend. the: second group will be: for: men: of all religions: while: the: third group is: for: politicians: and journalists. because: the: whole: world to must see: as: not there: are: racism or: bullying: or: superiority in: any of us! as: being in: the: presence: of God means: to be: terrified of any: pride, vanity, selfishness: or: evil! so: in: mode: representing the: whole: human: race: I would do three: groups: (caravans): distance: of 2 kilometers: from each: other, in: the: first group: only the: Jews: (because: it's: only: for: this: priestly ministry: universal that they are: the: chosen: people: namely, to teach all men: to know: and serve: God with: love:) I think, that God is: been: very offended even: by me: for: my sinful life! so with: all those: who have: my own: feelings: of shame: they might come: with: me: to cry all the: sins: of mankind: from Abel, the: "righteous", until the: last martyr: of every day: murdered: in: the: name: of an: absurd intolerance: politics: or: religion! So: I'd take: under: my custody: the: Ark of the: Covenant: and we: would go all: the: real Mount Sinai, that is: in Saudi Arabia: to cry: 40 days: to do penance: fasting and prayers: and to understand: who is: he: that the: Lord God will choose: for: to be: the: high: priest in: Israel. I have: received a political Ministry: Universal and theological: I am in: the: Kingdom of God: the: Metaphysical: Unius: REI, for, as: there: is: only one: God, so there: is: only one: king: on: the: whole: the: human: race: that is: why, I am also the: King of Israel: in: according at the: order: of Melchizedek: that our: father: Abraham give: to him tithing: in: exchange: for: a single: blessing! I am a Zionist: for: the: kingdom of Israel. I know your: faith, and that it becomes: precious: when: it is: been: purified in: the: pain: too many times: as: it was: for: us! At the: same: time: faith: is: not never: realizes: itself: in: hatred: how they would like: some: perverse: crazy religious. but, faith: realizes: itself only in: the: hope: shalom my brother. my heart is: filled with: gratitude: to you: to be: granted to me: your: hospitality on: this: site: that is: "the: land of Israel". but, in: my turn. I was: not moved myself: from my own: personal needs. but I am been: transportation, from my love: for: the: benefit of all mankind
@ IsraelNationalTV - when a Pharisee: that was: a friend of Jesus: asked him: "Who is: my neighbor?" already: by this: question: is: obvious: the: evil of Talmud .. that's: why Jesus: tells: the: parable: of the: "Good Samaritan". Why, only he: was: been: compassionate: to let you know, like, the: best of all, was: a man, rightly considered a heretic. but, meanwhile, was: been: he: alone: to do: the: God's: will: that is: to save: the: precious: creation: of God condemned to death: by robbers. be: failed: all the: representatives: of the: official religion! and when: Jesus: says, "you're: just like: the: Samaritan!" .. He: condemned the: Talmud! But, for: to condemn: the: Talmud?, it would not: sufficient a prophet! but, is: also sufficient: a child: is: why Jesus: said, "if you are: not like: children? You do not will enter: the: kingdom of God!". even: if there: are: of the: secondary variations: however, all the: men: and their: religions: believe: all over: the: world: that God is: ONE: and that He: is: "holy"! "holy"! "holy"!. Now, the: only category of the: holiness?: can: be: to be: 1. Almighty, 2. infinitely just, and, 3. infinite: goodness! Now to think that God wanted: Racism: for: a difference: about: religion: or: race, or: that he: has: created animals: in: human: form (Talmud)? This: is: Satanism! This: is: the: real blasphemy blasphemy. and: apostasy! This: is: a desecration: clear: against: the: first commandment. Since: the: concept of the: divine: nature: in: the: Christian: is: not to superiority: "because: the: greatest, of all is: the: one: who serves: while:" Every man: is: my brother". I say, something that is: absolutely obvious, therefore, each: person: in: the: world right now: you know, with: mathematical certainty: If he: is: condemned already: by God for: being: already: expelled from his: kingdom! Because: even: the: simplest things? they are: denied to all those: who were: doomed to a hell of destruction. In: fact, some: believe: to be: superior: to another: man(racism) just because: he: has: a piece(of cloth) on: his: head? or, because: he: has: a splash: of color: between: the: eyes? or: he: has: a specific book? etc. .. ? But this: is: idolatry! In: fact, the: greatest of all sins, is: that think bad and dishonest things: against: our: common: Creator: that is: to go against the: 1 st commandment! [[but the: Talmud is: the: Word of God?]] "To Seek Out That Which was: Lost.." We: present this: information: as: a service: to our: readers:.. Its: inclusion, Should not be: construed as: the: Authors: 'or: the: Relays' endorsement, of our: Beliefs... or: as: our: endorsement of Theirs:.. The: Truth: will stand on: it's: own: Merit. could resist, at a analyze: historico-critical: all this: accusations: against Jesus: and his: mother? A person: dishonored: him could have: done: the: rabbi? Accusations: about the: integrity of his: mother, if known, would not have: been: said and reported: by his: contemporaries?
TheTime4solutions: said: With: the: primary weapon: of Enlightened dissengagement a critical mass: of humanity exited the: Rothschild false: debt slavery (USURY) system shortly thereafter: the: rest of humanity followed. THey are: 250. We: are: 7 BILLION. Evil out of balance: will collapse: for: it is: a contradiction. Humanity is: about to enter: another: golden: era while: evil receeds: into the: shawdows: for: the: near: future. Its: a race. On: one: side: the: ultimate: evil that can: extinct humanity and most of life: on: planet earth: perhaps: all. On: the: other: side: 7 billion: sovereign: individual humans: that wish: to survive. Its: an: individual responsibility in: a leaderless: ReLOVElution: to dissengage. Soon: a critical mass: will occur: and we: will be: free.
A decadent Rothschild family cary unconciously yearns: for: self destruction, locked into positions: egocentric and schizophrenic warping out of control in: desperatation: executing the: extiction: of their: own: spiecies. I take: no credit for: your: words. I have: seen: the: same: as: you see: with: clarity for some: several years. The: money created out of thin: air: in: secret ownership hidden: throught several corporate: layers: creating false: national debts: as: the: tool to enforce: the: immoral extorted theft called tax system. The: control system forcing humanity into immoral acts: of cowardice: to liars: theives: and murders. Enlightened disengagement. THe: warmongers: find war: so atractive: and promote: it so well the: crowd cheers: war. Yet of those: cheering how many have: seen: the: dead children: and crying families: after: a war: plane: drops: bombs, how many will shoot through: the: head or: heart another: human. War: is: not some: movie: war: is: murder: mass: murder. War: is: blood on: your: soul, a perpetual eturnal nitmare: of guilt. SOvereign: humans: do not prosicute: war: in: the: name: of fake: governments: nor: for: bankgangsters. War: is: evil.

THe: TALMUd: on: Christians
"The: Talmud: Unmasked, The: Secret Rabbinical Teachings: Concerning Christians," was: written: by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, Master: of Theology and: Professor: of the: Hebrew Language: at the: Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the: Roman: Catholic Church: in: Old: St. Petersburg, Russia. The: Rev. Pranaitis: was: the: greatest of the: students: of the: Talmud. His: complete: command: of the: Hebrew language: qualified: him to analyze: the: Talmud: as: few men: in: history.
The: Rev. Pranaitis: scrutinized: the: Talmud: for: passages: referring to Jesus, Christians: and: the: Christian: faith. These: passages: were: translated: by him into Latin. Hebrew lends: itself to translation: into Latin: better: than: it does: directly into English. The: translation: of the: passages: of the: Talmud: referring to Jesus, Christians: and: Christian: faith: were: printed: in: Latin: by the: Imperial Academy of Sciences: in: St. Petersburg in: 1893 with: the: Imprimatur: of his: Archbishop. The: translation: from the: Latin: into English: was: made: by great Latin: scholars: in: the: United: States: in: 1939 with: funds: provided: by wealthy Americans: for: that purpose.
In: order: not to leave: any loose: ends: on: the: subject of the: Talmud's: reference: to Jesus, to Christians: and: to the: Christian: faith: I will below summarize: translations: into English: from the: Latin: texts: of Rev. Pranaitis' "The: Talmud: Unmasked, The: Secret Rabbinical Teachings: Concerning Christians". It would: require: too much: space: to quote: these: passages: verbatim with: their: foot-notes: form the: Soncino Edition: in: English.
First I will summarize: the: references: by Rev. Pranaitis: referring to Jesus: in: the: Talmud: in: the: original texts: translated: by him into Latin, and: from Latin: into English:
Sanhedrin, 67a -- Jesus: referred: to as: the: son: of Pandira, a soldier
Kallah, 1b. (18b) -- Illegitimate: and: conceived: during menstruation.
Sanhedrin, 67a -- Hanged: on: the: eve: of Passover. Toldath: Jeschu. Birth: related: in: most shameful expressions
Abhodah: Zarah: II -- Referred: to as: the: son: of Pandira, a Roman: soldier.
Schabbath: XIV. Again: referred: to as: the: son: of Pandira, the: Roman.
Sanhedrin, 43a -- On: the: eve: of Passover: they hanged: Jesus.
Schabbath, 104b -- Called: a fool and: no one: pays: attention: to fools.
Toldoth: Jeschu. Judas: and: Jesus: engaged: in: quarrel with: filth.
Sanhedrin, 103a. -- Suggested: corrupts: his: morals: and: dishonors: self.
Sanhedrin, 107b. -- Seduced, corrupted: and: destroyed: Israel.
Zohar: III, (282) -- Died: like: a beast and: buried: in: animal's: dirt heap.
Hilkoth: Melakhim -- Attempted: to prove: Christians: err: in: worship of Jesus
Abhodah: Zarah, 21a -- Reference: to worship of Jesus: in: homes: unwanted.
Orach: Chaiim, 113 -- Avoid: appearance: of paying respect to Jesus.
Iore: dea, 150,2 -- Do not appear: to pay respect to Jesus: by accident.
Abhodah: Zarah: (6a) -- False: teachings: to worship on: first day of Sabbath
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]]The: above: are: a few selected: from a very complicated: arrangement in: which: many references: are: obscured: by intricate: reasoning. The: following are: a few summarized: references: to Christians: and: the: Christian: faith: although: not always: expressed: in: exactly that manner. There: are: eleven: names: used: in: the: Talmud: for: non-Talmud: followers, by which: Christians: are: meant. Besides: Nostrim, from Jesus: the: Nazarene, Christians: are: called: by all the: names: used: in: the: Talmud: to designate: all non-"Jews": Minim, Edom, Abhodan: Zarah, Akum. Obhde: Elilim, Nokrim, Amme: Haarets, Kuthim, Apikorosim, and: Goim. Besides: supplying the: names: by which: Christians: are: called: in: the: Talmud, the: passages: quoted: below indicate: what kind: of people: the: Talmud: pictures: the: Christians: to be, and: what the: Talmud: says: about the: religious: worship of Christians:
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Hilkhoth: Maakhaloth: -- Christians: are: idolators, must not associate.
Abhodah: Zarah: (22a) -- Do not associate: with: gentiles, they shed: blood.
Iore: Dea (153, 2). -- Must not associate: with: Christians, shed: blood.
Abhodah: Zarah: (25b). -- Beware: of Christians: when: walking abroad: with: them.
Orach: Chaiim (20, 2). -- Christians: disguise: themselves: to kill Jews.
Abhodah: Zarah: (15b) -- Suggest Christians: have: sex relations: with: animals.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Abhodah: Zarah: (22a) -- Suspect Christians: of intercourse: with: animals.
Schabbath: (145b) -- Christians: unclean: because: they eat accordingly
Abhodah: Zarah: (22b) -- Christians: unclean: because: they not at Mount Sinai.
Iore: Dea (198, 48). -- Clean: female: Jews: contaminated: meeting Christians.
Kerithuth: (6b p. 78) -- Jews: called: men, Christians: not called: men.
Makkoth: (7b) -- Innocent of murder: if intent was: to kill Christian.
Orach: Chaiim(225, 10) -- Christians: and: animals: grouped: for: comparisons.
Midrasch: Talpioth: 225 -- Christians: created: to minister: to Jews: always.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Orach: Chaiim 57, 6a -- Christians: to be: pitied: more: than: sick pigs.
Zohar: II (64b) -- Christian: idolators: likened: to cows: and: asses.
Kethuboth: (110b). -- Psalmist compares: Christians: to unclean: beasts.
Sanhedrin: (74b). Tos. -- Sexual intercourse: of Christian: like: that of beast.
Kethuboth: (3b) -- The: seed: of Christian: is: valued: as: seed: of beast.
Kidduschim (68a) -- Christians: like: the: people: of an: ass.
Eben: Haezar: (44,8) -- Marriages: between: Christian: and: Jews: null.
Zohar: (II, 64b) -- Christian: birth: rate: must be: diminished: materially.
Zohar: (I, 28b) -- Christian: idolators: children: of Eve's: serpent.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Zohar: (I, 131a) -- Idolatrous: people: (Christians) befoul the: world.
Emek Haschanach(17a) -- Non-Jews' souls: come: from death: and: death's: shadow.
Zohar: (I, 46b, 47a) -- Souls: of gentiles: have: unclean: divine: origins.
Rosch: Haschanach(17a) -- Non-Jews: souls: go down: to hell.
Iore: Dea (337, 1). -- Replace: dead: Christians: like: lost cow or: ass.
Iebhammoth: (61a) -- Jews: called: men, but not Christians: called: men.
Abhodah: Zarah: (14b) T -- Forbidden: to sell religious: works: to Christians
Abhodah: Zarah: (78) -- Christian: churches: are: places: of idolatry.
Iore: Dea (142, 10) -- Must keep far: away physically from churches.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (142, 15) -- Must not listen: to church: music or: look at idols
Iore: Dea (143, 1) -- Must not rebuild: homes: destroyed: near: churches.
Hilkoth: Abh. Zar: (10b) -- Jews: must not resell broken: chalices: to Christians.
Chullin: (91b) -- Jews: possess: dignity even: an: angel cannot share.
Sanhedrin, 58b -- To strike: Israelite: like: slapping face: of God.
Chagigah, 15b -- A Jew considered: good: in: spite: of sins: he: commits.
Gittin: (62a) -- Jew stay away from Christian: homes: on: holidays.
Choschen: Ham. (26,1) -- Jew must not sue: before: a Christian: judge: or: laws.
Choschen: Ham (34,19) -- Christian: or: servant cannot become: witnesses.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (112, 1). -- Avoid: eating with: Christians, breeds: familiarity.
Abhodah: Zarah: (35b) -- Do not drink milk from a cow milked: by Christian.
Iore: dea (178, 1) -- Never: imitate: customs: of Christians, even: hair-comb.
Abhodah: Zarah: (72b) -- Wine: touched: by Christians: must be: thrown: away.
Iore: Dea (120, 1) -- Bought-dishes: from Christians: must be: thrown: away.
Abhodah: Zarah: (2a) -- For: three: days: before: Christian: festivals, avoid: all.
Abhodah: Zarah: (78c) -- Festivals: of followers: of Jesus: regarded: as: idolatry.
Iore: Dea (139, 1) -- Avoid: things: used: by Christians: in: their: worship.
Abhodah: Zarah: (14b) -- Forbidden: to sell Christians: articles: for: worship.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (151,1) H. -- Do not sell water: to Christians: articles: for: baptisms.
Abhodah: Zarah: (2a, 1) -- Do not trade: with: Christians: on: their: feast days.
Abhodah: Zarah: (1,2) -- Now permitted: to trade: with: Christians: on: such: days.
Abhodah: Zarah: (2aT) -- Trade: with: Christians: because: they have: money to pay.
Iore: Dea (148, 5) -- If Christian: is: not devout, may send: him gifts.
Hilkoth: Akum (IX,2) -- Send: gifts: to Christians: only if they are: irreligious.
Iore: Dea (81,7 Ha) -- Christian: wet-nurses: to be: avoided: because: dangerous.
Iore: Dea (153, 1 H) -- Christian: nurse: will lead: children: to heresy.
Iore: Dea (155,1). -- Avoid: Christian: doctors: not well known: to neighbors.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Peaschim (25a) -- Avoid: medical help from idolators, Christians: meant.
Iore: Dea (156,1) -- Avoid: Christian: barbers: unless: escorted: by Jews.
Abhodah: Zarah: (26a). -- Avoid: Christian: midwives: as: dangerous: when: alone.
Zohar: (1,25b) -- Those: who do good: to Christians: never: rise: when: dead.
Hilkoth: Akum (X,6) -- Help needy Christians: if it will promote: peace.
Iore: Dea (148, 12H) -- Hide: hatred: for: Christians: at their: celebrations.
Abhodah: Zarah: (20a) -- Never: praise: Christians: lest it be: believed: true.
Iore: Dea (151,14) -- Not allowed: to praise: Christians: to add: to glory.
Hilkoth: Akum (V, 12) -- Quote: Scriptures: to forbid: mention: of Christian: god.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Iore: Dea (146, 15) -- Refer: to Christian: religious: articles: with: contempt.
Iore: Dea (147,5) -- Deride: Christian: religious: articles: without wishes.
Hilkoth: Akum (X,5) -- No gifts: to Christians, gifts: to converts.
Iore: Dea (151,11) -- Gifts: forbidden: to Christians, encourages: friendship.
Iore: Dea (335,43) -- Exile: for: that Jew who sells: farm to Christian.
Iore: Dea (154,2) -- Forbidden: to teach: a trade: to a Christian
Babha Bathra (54b) -- Christian: property belongs: to first person: claiming.
Choschen: Ham(183,7) -- Keep what Christian: overpays: in: error.
Choschen: Ham(226,1) -- Jew may keep lost property of Christian: found: by Jew.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Babha Kama (113b) -- It is: permitted: to deceive: Christians.
Choschen: Ham(183,7) -- Jews: must divide: what they overcharge: Christians.
Choschen: Ham(156,5) -- Jews: must not take: Christian: customers: from Jews.
Iore: Dea (157,2) h: -- May deceive: Christians: that believe: Christian: tenets.
Abhodah: Zarah: (54a) --Usury may be: practiced: upon: Christians: or: apostates.
Iore: Dea (159,1) -- Usury permitted: now for: any reason: to Christians.
Babha Kama (113a) -- Jew may lie: and: perjure: to condemn: a Christian.
Babha Kama (113b) -- Name: of God: not profaned: when: lying to Christians.
Kallah: (1b, p.18) -- Jew may perjure: himself with: a clear: conscience.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Schabbouth: Hag. (6d). -- Jews: may swear: falsely by use: of subterfuge: wording.
Zohar: (1,160a). -- Jews: must always: try to deceive: Christians.
Iore: Dea (158,1) -- Do not cure: Christians: unless: it makes: enemies.
Orach: Cahiim (330,2) -- Do not assist Christian's: childbirth: on: Saturday.
Choschen: Ham.(425,5) -- Unless: believes: in: Torah: do not prevent his: death.
Iore: Dea (158,1) -- Christians: not enemies: must not be: saved: either.
Hilkkoth: Akum (X,1) -- Do not save: Christians: in: danger: of death.
Choschen: Ham(386,10) -- A spy may be: killed: even: before: he: confesses.
Abhodah: Zorah: (26b) -- Apostates: to be: thrown: into well, not rescued.
[[but the: Talmud: is: the: Word: of God?]] Choschen: Ham(388,15) -- Kill those: who give: Israelites' money to Christians
Sanhedrin: (59a) -- `Prying into Jews' "Law" to get death: penalty
Hilkhoth: Akum(X,2) -- Baptized: Jews: are: to be: put to death
Iore: Dea(158,2)Hag. -- Kill renegades: who turn: to Christian: rituals.
Choschen: Ham(425,5) -- Those: who do not believe: in: Torah: are: to be: killed.
Hilkhoth: tesch.III,8 -- Christians: and: others: deny the: "Law" of the: Torah.
Zohar: (I,25a) -- Christians: are: to be: destroyed: as: idolators.
Zohar: (II,19a) -- Captivity of Jews: end: when: Christian: princes: die.
Zohar: (I,219b) -- Princes: of Christians: are: idolators, must die.
Obadiam -- When: Rome: is: destroyed, Israel will be: redeemed. Abhodah: Zarah(26b) T. -- "Even: the: best of the: Goim should: be: killed."
Sepher: Or: Israel 177b -- If Jew kills: Christian: commits: no sin. Ialkut Simoni (245c) -- Shedding blood: of impious: offers: sacrifice: to God.
Zohar: (II, 43a) -- Extermination: of Christians: necessary sacrifice. Zohar: (L,28b,39a) -- High: place: in: heaven: for: those: who kill idolators.
Hilkhoth: Akum(X,1) -- Make: no agreements: and: show no mercy to Christians. Hilkhoth: Akum (X,1) -- Either: turn: them away from their: idols: or: kill.
Hilkhoth: Akum (X,7) -- Allow no idolators: to remain: where: Jews: are: strong. Choschen: Ham(388,16) -- All contribute: to expense: of killing traitor.
Pesachim (49b) -- No need: of prayers: while: beheading on: Sabbath. Schabbath: (118a). -- Prayers: to save: from punishment of coming Messiah.
"To Seek Out That Which: was: Lost .." We: present this: information: as: a service: to our: readers: .. Its: inclusion, Should: not be: construed: as: the: Authors: 'or: the: Relays' endorsement, of our: Beliefs: .. or: as: our: endorsement of Theirs: . The: Truth: will stand: on: it's: own: Merit. could: resist, at a analyze: historico-critical: all this: accusations: against Jesus: and: his: mother? A person: dishonored: him could: have: done: the: rabbi ? Accusations: about the: integrity of his: mother, if known, would: not have: been: said: and: reported: by his: contemporaries?
Found: at: The: RCathList Home: Page. (Suprise!) Download: file: in: .txt format.. Self extracting 79.2K factsar.exe.

hell itself has: put its: facilities: and its: institutions: in this: three-dimensional world

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Chiedete ad Israele di costruire il 3° tempio ebraico a Gerusalemme: se ne è capace!!!
CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. Questo luogo è sacro, io sto erigendo il Tempio per mio sommo sacerdote ebreo! questo impone la Vostra correttezza, un angelo è preposto alla osservanza del rispetto, della dignità e della verità di tutte queste vostre affermazioni. (la luce contro le tenebre)Nations have lost their sovereignty occult powers, bank seigniorage enlightened, Masons, Satanist are in control of history of people with Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission!
(the light against darkness) Ask to Israel to build the 3rd Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, if he is capable!CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. This place is sacred, I'm erecting the temple for my High Priest jew! This forces your efficiency, an angel is responsible for the observance of respect, dignity and truth of all these your statements. Yes, I'm scared for you are mortal!

Questa NON è una testata giornalistica

Obama moderate terrorists Biden

Obama moderate terrorists Biden
Jihad Erdogan sharia ISIS UMMA

Questa NON è una testata giornalistica

Questa NON è una testata giornalistica

santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti

santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti
confondatore dell'università di Teramo, mancato premio nobel, ecc...

Avete preferito questo al Regno di Dio

Avete preferito questo al Regno di Dio
Ora preparatevi a subirne le conseguenze

Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"
"nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!

Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!
è già stato testato su una famiglia americana: "preparati a prenderlo!"